Mistakes That Students Make In Essay Writing

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This article incudes an information about the most popular students’ essay mistakes. The mistake number one is plagiarism. Some students are that type of people who are very lazy. They like to procrastinate. They start writing their essays at that time when the time has almost gone.  And it is very simple to copy and paste somebody’s else research about topic and upload it. But most of the professors use similarity checker, so they know how to deal with cheaters. And they get lucky if professor let them to rewrite their essay. Some of them may say that students has not such a possibility. Even more, some universities may kick out their students because of plagiarism of an essay. The next mistake student may make in his essay in incorrect demonstrating of the topic of his essay. That happens because students may not understand their topic. The best solution of this problem is to ask a professor or other students for a help with information. It is not correct to compose everything you can imagine in your mind about your topic. EssayWriters.us – order essay writer help at 9$ per page! Your information should be authentic and reliable. The third problem many students cannot deal with is incorrect organization of an essay. Students can face with it only if they simply do not know how essay should look like. In this situation, it is important not to be lazy, just to read some instructions about essay structure at different web sites, there are billions of guides you can find. True essay should include introduction, conclusion, and at least one body paragraph. And the last problem is that students cannot stay right on their topic. Sometimes their essay should include more pages then they know about their topic. As a result – they start writing about another topic to get more pages. Also they can start writing facts which are not logic or correct. It is okay to make a research for different information about topic. But it is mandatory to paraphrase it. Just use different words when you describe something. Try to deal with that simple things, and your essay will be wonderful.

How to write a student case study without mistakes and get an excellent mark at the university

The majority of students, even if they are excellent at learning, know science well and their specialty, they still would like to get away with it and get “excellent” for fictitious work. They hope only on luck. Whether we like it or not, but the educational process in any university one way or another requires students to conduct their own scientific case study. We are talking about coursework and, of course, graduation qualification work of different levels..

Nevertheless, if we abandon the chances of luck, even the most talented student will get confused when writing the first case study. He enters the warpath with tons of data, previously proven theories, studied questions and, as a rule, does not know where to start and how to get down to work. This manual can become a kind of instruction for the application of knowledge and skills, correct search of sources and correct interpretation of the received materials. Those who have been engaged in research work for a long time can find in the manual practical advice on the presentation of their research and its design.

Highlighting the main aspects of the training manual, we should mention that this manual focuses on the conceptual elements of the study, its conduct and presentation, structure and design. It touches every aspect of the creation of the study at the stages of its thinking, incarnation, design and presentation.

One of the key points of the manual is the choice of the topic, so it starts with the launch of a complex research mechanism: the choice of a topic is a very complex and responsible stage of the work, on which almost everything depends. A professional researcher never determines it based only on materials and sources that are available.

A few practical tips for the work: first, it is never worth choosing a topic, because its relevant to others, or because it is unknown and mysterious. It is important that the topic be interesting to the researcher himself. A decisive role is played by one’s own interest in combination with the scientific novelty of the material. Ideally, the studied subject should be curious and not fully understood. If the question is indifferent to you – conducting research and writing work will turn into a torment, if the question is completely clear – you will be simply bored and, most importantly, you will hardly be able to get the original result.

In addition, if we are talking about a case study, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of a supervisor, because the course of the research largely depends on him. However, it is impossible to use only the skills and knowledge of a supervisor. Young researcher should always remember: the supervisor is not a generator of thoughts, which the student can then give out as his own.

It should be noted that any case study implies specificity. Without a serious evidence base, you will never be able to convince the scientific community of the relevance and significance of the research. At the beginning of the work, while formulating the topic, the author should immediately go from the subject to the problematics (the concrete aspect). The problem becomes obvious when this aspect of the topic contains a conflict.

Of course, you cannot proceed to research if the object and the subject are not clear. Some mistakenly believe that object and subject will be clarified in the course of the research. Initially, there should be a clear vision of the object and the subject around which your entire case study will be built.

Having a plan of coursework, you can start assembling materials.

Sources can be conditionally divided into primary (primary founts) and secondary (or critical literature). Strictly speaking, the primary sources are not: translation, reader, retellings of other authors, even if they are given in good faith.

If you have no idea about the chosen topic, you should familiarize yourself with the list of compulsory and additional literature offered by the instructor of the academic discipline, on which you are going to write a coursework’s. At the departments there are programs of all academic subject with the indication of the corresponding letters. You can ask the supervisor to tell you the most significant sources.

Who prefers to search the literature on his own, you can start searching from an encyclopedia in which, after an article about a particular phenomenon, a list of the basic literature on this issue is always provided.

Then you should refer to the athenaeum directory. If you know the names of the authors of the works you are interested in, they can be found in the alphabetical catalog. If you neglected the previous tips, then the search should start with a regular catalog. Having received the ordered literature, you will find links to other scientific works, they should also be used by you.

Remember that the search can be delayed because: the necessary books or articles are in the hands of other readers, they are not in the library at all, because they were stolen many years ago, in the books or articles that you issue, the pages you will need be torn out.

In books or articles with promising titles, you will find absolutely nothing suitable for your work.

Working in the catalog, pay attention to the year of publication of the book or article. If you write a term paper on the history of economic thought or the economic history of any country, you can find a lot of interesting and useful in publications, for example, twenty years ago. However, if your topic sounds relevant and up-to-date, avoid materials published long ago. On the contrary, you should strive to get acquainted with the latest works on your topic and use the latest factual and statistical data.

Book review writing

There is a great possibility for people, who have a lot of free time, to earn money on the internet. This job is about writing different papers in a program called “Word.” The main ability you may have is an ability to write in a creative way. Your duty is to write different essays. You will compose a descriptive essay very often. The main idea of this essay is to describe something to your reader. It will be okay to find some information at different sources, it is impossible to have a knowledge about everything. You just should to paraphrase the information you found. Sometimes you may be asked to overview a literature book at your essay. It is kind of harder type of essay, because you are supposed to spend your time to read that book. But it is okay to read that book in an abbreviated form, just to understand the main idea. In addition, you have to have an ability write a resume in an original way. Many people who want to apply for a job do not know how to write an information about their working skills in the best way, so they will ask you for help. Article review essay the same as book review, but you just have to write about an article. But in this situation you will not be able to find an abbreviated form of that article. You will read the whole version. The next type is narrative essay. There you will tell a story using all the rules of an essay. And you will do it every hour, every day, every month. That is why it was mentioned before that you have to be creative. Because you have to know how to write about your topic differently. An advantage of that job is that you work at your home. You do not have to go to your working place every morning. You can have different duties and work at this time. Also, it is a good opportunity for students to get money. This job does not steal the whole day, so you can learn something simultaneously.

How to manage your time properly when writing an essay?

People may face this and that kind of problems when they create their essay. The problem number one is that they are late with a time to write their essay. That happens because they do not know how to manage their time in a right way. Also, some people have many things they have to do for the whole day, they are too busy. For example, some students have an additional job, because they need money to pay for their study. As a result – students may not finish university courses because they are not able to write their essay on time. So, students find different kind of solutions of this problem. Solution number one is that they pay to another person who is able to do their job. And that person writes that essay instead of them. It is popular among the all students in the world. Some people use different web sites where they can make an order of an essay. There is some big companies, whose job is to write essays for people. They do it in a more professional way, comparing with university students, but they ask for a higher price. So it really depends on what kind of essay people need to be written. Also there is some web sites which can paraphrase an essay. They cost less, nut it is not an original essay. It is only paraphrased, but some students buy it sometimes. It happens because system, which checks similarity of an essay, says that it is unique. Some people use these possibilities to buy an essay because they have no idea about what they have to write. They get stacked. That happens because that people are not competent enough at that sphere. They just do not have enough of knowledge. But they need their essay to be finished, for example for graduating. So, instead of studding they buy what they need. Most of universities kick out their students if they prove that they bought their essay. But most of the students take a risk and still do it.  With the time it even becomes more popular to do it.

Difference between essay and abstract

Working on the essay and abstract, we can’t notice the difference between them. But we should remember that these are absolutely different projects.

Essay  is a composition where you need to reflect on a problem: some statement or topic.




final part

Abstract – a short report issued in writing.


Title page



paragraphs and subparagraphs



An abstract is a detailed, written response to a given topic using knowledge of people competent in this field. This is a work that includes already published sources that cover the necessary topic. To create high-quality work it isn’t enough simply to rewrite pieces of text from different books, it is necessary to study selected sources, to convey the main content in your own words, by supporting the text with quotations. The abstract involves working with information. Logically and consistently state the essence of the subject. Such work contributes to a comprehensive study, as well as deep consolidation of the material. The fact of the abstract is that the topic is opening  by the accumulated knowledge of other people. The problem that is associated with incomplete disclosure of the topic arises most often from a misunderstanding: what should I write about? A solution is simple enough. It’s necessary to present the topic in the form of several or one questions, to give them detailed answers.

An essay is a reflection on a problem. Therefore, in the essay, a polemic with other authors (their point of view) is allowed. Quote other authors can, but moderately and to the occasion. It’s absolutely independent work, written in own style and language, therefore, the fewer quotes, the better.

In the foreground of the essay is the identity of the writer. His thoughts, feelings, attitudes to the world become the basis for writing. There are difficulties may arise. These are a selection of topics,  the style and an unusual look at the problem.

An abstract is a more scientific work, requiring evidence, facts, it has a complex design. Essay is a work, which refers to the artistic literary style.