How to manage your time properly when writing an essay?

People may face this and that kind of problems when they create their essay. The problem number one is that they are late with a time to write their essay. That happens because they do not know how to manage their time in a right way. Also, some people have many things they have to do for the whole day, they are too busy. For example, some students have an additional job, because they need money to pay for their study. As a result – students may not finish university courses because they are not able to write their essay on time. So, students find different kind of solutions of this problem. Solution number one is that they pay to another person who is able to do their job. And that person writes that essay instead of them. It is popular among the all students in the world. Some people use different web sites where they can make an order of an essay. There is some big companies, whose job is to write essays for people. They do it in a more professional way, comparing with university students, but they ask for a higher price. So it really depends on what kind of essay people need to be written. Also there is some web sites which can paraphrase an essay. They cost less, nut it is not an original essay. It is only paraphrased, but some students buy it sometimes. It happens because system, which checks similarity of an essay, says that it is unique. Some people use these possibilities to buy an essay because they have no idea about what they have to write. They get stacked. That happens because that people are not competent enough at that sphere. They just do not have enough of knowledge. But they need their essay to be finished, for example for graduating. So, instead of studding they buy what they need. Most of universities kick out their students if they prove that they bought their essay. But most of the students take a risk and still do it.  With the time it even becomes more popular to do it.