Difference between essay and abstract

Difference between essay and abstract

Working on the essay and abstract, we can’t notice the difference between them. But we should remember that these are absolutely different projects.

Essay  is a composition where you need to reflect on a problem: some statement or topic.




final part

Abstract – a short report issued in writing.


Title page



paragraphs and subparagraphs



An abstract is a detailed, written response to a given topic using knowledge of people competent in this field. This is a work that includes already published sources that cover the necessary topic. To create high-quality work it isn’t enough simply to rewrite pieces of text from different books, it is necessary to study selected sources, to convey the main content in your own words, by supporting the text with quotations. The abstract involves working with information. Logically and consistently state the essence of the subject. Such work contributes to a comprehensive study, as well as deep consolidation of the material. The fact of the abstract is that the topic is opening  by the accumulated knowledge of other people. The problem that is associated with incomplete disclosure of the topic arises most often from a misunderstanding: what should I write about? A solution is simple enough. It’s necessary to present the topic in the form of several or one questions, to give them detailed answers.

An essay is a reflection on a problem. Therefore, in the essay, a polemic with other authors (their point of view) is allowed. Quote other authors can, but moderately and to the occasion. It’s absolutely independent work, written in own style and language, therefore, the fewer quotes, the better.

In the foreground of the essay is the identity of the writer. His thoughts, feelings, attitudes to the world become the basis for writing. There are difficulties may arise. These are a selection of topics,  the style and an unusual look at the problem.

An abstract is a more scientific work, requiring evidence, facts, it has a complex design. Essay is a work, which refers to the artistic literary style.